How to choose website design

At the initial stage of development for any Internet project there is a difficult question of choosing a web design. Since this is a very important factor, which strongly affects to conversion visitors in clients, we decided to devote a separate article to this issue.

For websites or eCommerce stores it is important not only design of main page, pages of sections, categories, articles or goods, but also how they are maped. Perhaps you’ve heard such an expression as “user-friendly design”.

Creation any Internet resource starts from the development of a prototype or model. During this stage, you must select a good template and correct color scheme of the website.

It is very important to choose an adaptive template that will be convenient to look on the computer screen and on the screen of your phone or tablet. It is recommended to choose “quiet” colors for website, without using a black, aggressive or annoying palette.

It is necessary to create such a structure and design that visitors can conveniently watch information or make purchases, and that nothing distracts them from this.

Our web studio, when developing a website or eCommerce store always uses only the best templates in terms of proper usability (user-friendliness).

Ultimately, design and layout also strongly affect behavioral factors and promotion in search engines. By creating a user-friendly design, we provide our customers with the right SEO optimization and successful launch of their Internet project.

If you need to develop your business, then order from us creation website or Ecommerce store, and let customers easily find you!