Website abroad promotion – how to start

In any case, promotion of website to abroad begins with monitoring and analytics. What does this include in this case? We will analyze the whole process for convenience.

Usually, we need to promote website abroad in a particular country for business development, exports to these countries of our goods, search for new partners and markets. This applies equally to any product or service. Where is the most complete information about your business? Of course, on our website or in eCommerce store. That is why it is most effective to promote your Internet resource on the target markets.

For sale products on the international markets there are powerful marketplaces, but they have quite a lot of different restrictions for participants. Overwise on your website you can use any options to represent and develop your business abroad.

To begin with, need to select a language for website content based on your business objectives. To promote website on the global international market, it certainly must be English.

For solve business problems in certain local markets it is desirable to use a local language that is most understandable for potential customers (Spanish, German, French or other).

On the next step need to carefully study competitors in these target markets, choosing them from the search engines based on the key queries for your business. It should be borne in mind that local companies are most qualitatively oriented in their markets and accordingly are engaged in SEO promotion of their websites most effectively. Therefore, it is very important in analysis and monitoring stage to study in detail their experience, key queries that they use, and their websites. It is necessary first of all to study those websites that are in the TOP of Google’s global search network for key key queries in your topic.

In conclusion, it should be noted that monitoring and analysis of competitors is an important stage of business planning for promoting website abroad in targeted export markets. Based on this data, all the following steps are being built: creation of a semantic core, content filling, activity in social networks and linkbuilding.