Website promotion in social networks

Social networks can serve not only for communication and entertainment, but also to attract the flow of visitors and customers to your website.

There are two main ways to promote your website in social networks: posting information, links to website on your personal page, and creating a special group on a separate page with the name of your website.

In the first case your personal network of contacts will see the information on your page. In the second – only members of group will see the information. It is advisable to choose both options for website promotion.

Currently social networks are a good tools for promoting your website in Internet, and have a great influence for promotion and enhancement recognition of your brand. By posting posts and links in social networks, you can inform people about new articles on your website, new products in eCommerce, discounts, promotions, events and other information.

In addition to advertising your website within social network, you also need to fill the page with relevant content that will be interesting for people. Because only advertisement and links to your website will very soon bore visitors and they will leave the group. It will be correct if your posts in the social network are in the ratio: 70% of interesting information, and 30% of advertising.

It is advisable that your website also has links to your pages on social networks, and visitors are always able to join.

Which social networks to use for promotion website depending on subject matter of website, country, age of visitors and their preferences.