Principles of search engines

If you decide to order SEO services, then you should at least in general terms represent principles work of search engines. This is necessary in order to know which tasks SEO specialists should solve, as a result of optimization and promotion of your website.

Currently up to 90% total Internet search is performed through search engines. It’s not surprising, because search engines provide for their customers with convenience, speed and accuracy of performing search queries.

To meet requirements of their customers with maximum efficiency, search robots are constantly evolving and add ever more stringent requirements for the websites for search results. Therefore, SEO technologies do not stand still, but are constantly changing and supplemented according to the requirements of search engines.

If you want your website to always be in TOP, you need not stop at the way of its improvement and optimization.

We can distinguish three basic principles of the search engines, and although there are many more, but for a general understanding of this will be enough.

The first principle is indexing (monitoring) information of websites. In other words, robots scan pages of your website and copy them to the database. Here it is very important that your website has the right structure and is easily indexed by search engines.

The second is getting a search query from the user and searching for information that exactly matches this query. The search carried out on the websites that are in their database (in the index).

Third principle is ranking of websites (rating) in search results according to the request. This is the most basic principle work of search engines, which we are interested in, and for which SEO is optimized and promoted websites. After all, you need to get to the first page, in the TOP-10 search results (or even better in the TOP-3), so that your website is seen by visitors of search engine. According to internet statistics, about 85% of all customers in search engines find information on first page, about 10% pass to second page, and only 5% to other pages.

This is briefly what website owner needs to know about principles of search engines when ordering an SEO service.