Who needs to have a website

Often, potential customers for development of the website ask us: why do we need to have a website, because we can always make a page in a social network and sell your products or post information there? In addition, in this case there is no need to pay for the domain and hosting.

In addition to reputational motives, for creation your own website, there are several other reasons that I would like to explain in this article.

On your own website or eCommerce resource you can post any necessary materials, but social websites have a huge number of restrictions. For example, they limit subject matter of materials, sizes of photos or video. Amount of materials on your website you can also not limit, and post them with any design and structure that suits you.

These are so-called design reasons for which you need to have your own website, but there are also reasons for information security.

All your materials: articles, photos, videos, other files – this is your intellectual property, and only placing them on the own website will help protect and secure your information. In addition, your page in social networks at any time can be deleted along with all the information without even asking you about it. And at best, you will have copies of files, but hard work will be lost.

Finally, the main advantages that gives your web own site is business development in Internet. Your website is viewed by search engines as an independent source of information for people. If yor use right SEO, then for key queries, it will go to the top of search engine, and thereby ensure you a constant flow of visitors and customers.

Thus, if you seriously think about the development and promotion in Internet, you need to create your own website, develop it, fill information, conduct SEO optimization and get profit and satisfaction from it.