How to selling to the Europe

If for you or your company has a goal – to sell of your products to Europe, then this article is most likely to be useful to you.

Our company performs a full range of activities aimed at bringing your products to the European market for B2B and B2C clients. The list of these events is wide enough, and we choose a suitable and effective options, based on the specifics of your business, and your goals. In short, we use all available digital Internet marketing tools to obtain the desired result.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • search for potential customers,
  • analysis of competitors in the target markets,
  • creation of an effective proposal,
  • negotiations with customers,
  • participation in exhibitions in European countries,
  • placing your products on European marketplaces,
  • creation of a selling website or eCommerce store in English,
  • promotion of your business onto Internet,
  • creation and maintenance of advertising companies in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and in others, aimed at the target customers.

In short, we find your target customers, including all stages from search to contracting. And what’s more important, this is that all our actions are absolutely transparent, and are confirmed by full regular reports. This will allow you to focus on production, or your other business, and the question – How to sell to Europe – just trust us.

The European Union includes 28 countries, each of which certainly has its own specifics of the internal market. In order to study the preferences of customers in these local markets, a special website is created in English, and the necessary information is collected. Further, it is possible to place more targeted information on this website in other languages, for example in German, French, Spanish, Italian.

How to sell goods to Europe – this issue will be relevant for you only at the initial stage of developing a network of customers in the European countries. In the future, products of your company, which will appear on the European market, will bring you new interested customers. By investing in development at the initial stage, you receive regular customers for your Company and stable foreign exchange earnings for many years.