How to write correct SEO texts

Website without texts don’t move up. Sure, many peoples understand this, but it is important to consider that the texts should be correctly written in terms of SEO.

On the early stages development of search engines, the quality of texts was completely neglected. Search robots simply chose articles with the largest number of keywords according to query. For getting into the top, in the articles often simply wrote keywords 100 times in a row. No any benefits from such nonsense for people, but websites themselves very well advanced up in search engine issue.

Currently, such absurds articles immediately fall under prohibitions, and website under the sanction from search systems. Now there are many criteria and requirements according to articles are evaluated in “usefulness” for people. The texts that are written on these requirements are called SEO optimized and have every chance to get into the TOP.

Let’s look at how to write SEO texts.

Texts must be unique. In other words, there should not be the same texts in Internet still. Uniqueness must be at least 80%. The text of the article can be duplicated in network , but that one was first indexed by the search engines will be considered unique.

Keywords should be about 3-4% from total number of words in the text. It is desirable that they are located evenly, one at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of article.

Article size depend on the topic, but it must be at least 500 characters, and preferably not more than 5000 characters. Short articles give little information, but long texts many people simply will not read.

For any eCommerce useful same rules for writing SEO texts. For example, you can conduct a thematic blog or post descriptions in goods cards.