Export Sales

IT-DEVOTE company provide service for the sale of your products to other countries around the world.

1. Preparation of products and packaging to meet export conditions.

  • Localization of packaging according to the requirements of target sales markets.
  • Testing and certification of products.

2. Obtain primary marketing data.

  • Monitoring the export activity of competitors.
  • Collecting information about the price level of similar products in the potential target markets.
  • The study the structure of sales and interaction of counterparties (suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, retails, agents, etc.).

3. Creating an effective commercial offer.

  • Website creation and presentation for your business.
  • Website promotion in the target markets.

4. Collecting contact information about potential customers.

  • Ready databases.
  • Open online sources of information.

5. Lead generation. Sales funnel.

  • Cold calls, newsletter, presentations, Google AdWords.
  • Skype calls, contacts in LinkedIn, sending samples.
  • Maintaining clients in the CRM system for your enterprise.

6. Industry exhibitions.

  • Determination the most effective exhibitions in the target sales regions.
  • Preparation and participation in these trade fair.
  • Leads processing after exhibitions.

7. Negotiating.

Negotiations with counterparties abot terms of cooperation, prices, signing contracts, placing orders and other issues of international cooperation.

The choice of the whole package or individual services is determined by the individual characteristics of your export project.