SEO price

Our prices for SEO services more lower and terms of cooperation are most convenient. But we really care for your website to become a Leader. We always use only legal, safe and approved SEO methods what suit for Google and for other search engines. Therefore your website under our management will get increase of customers Read more about SEO price[…]

SEO promotion

Looking for to order SEO for advancement website in the search engines? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – is optimization of the website for  requirements of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and others). According to statistics, about 80% of consumers are looking for goods or information they need in Internet through search engines. Level of trust Read more about SEO promotion[…]

Websites development

A selling website is your sales point in Internet. This is of course a slightly simplified definition, but completely conveys meaning and purpose of its creation. Your trading platform in Internet can be as form of a business card website, or as an information website about your brand, your company, your business, about you personally, Read more about Websites development[…]

eCommerce creation

Designing, development and promotion an eCommerce – online store is always a worthy challenge for our studio. We do not do “copying” projects, but create unique websites for eCommerce, which attract customers with their design, convenience, efficiency, and bring profit to their owners. Agree that it is much more pleasant to buy at online store Read more about eCommerce creation[…]

SEO for eCommerce projects

Promotion for E-Commerce projects has a number of features and differences from the promotion of an information website, a business website, a landing page or a corporate web-site. Indeed, each type of Internet resource has its own characteristics for promotion, but for the online store they are most pronounced. This is due to, that his Read more about SEO for eCommerce projects[…]

Correct SEO service

Always choose for your website advancement only correct SEO services. Need constantly write new unique articles, prescribe keywords, put links, improve structure of the Website and much more. If do not take at least one of the elements, you will not get the desired results. With correct SEO you can achieve good results and get Read more about Correct SEO service[…]

SEO audit for your websites

Any search engines have a number of requirements for internal arrangement of websites, for structure, code, content, linking and others. These requirements are constantly changing and supplemented. For corresponding it need provide SEO audit for your website. Perhaps you totally like your website or eCommerce store, maybe it has a cool modern and adaptive design, Read more about SEO audit for your websites[…]

Export Sales

IT-DEVOTE company provide service for the sale of your products to other countries around the world. 1. Preparation of products and packaging to meet export conditions. Localization of packaging according to the requirements of target sales markets. Testing and certification of products. 2. Obtain primary marketing data. Monitoring the export activity of competitors. Collecting information Read more about Export Sales[…]

Principles of search engines

If you decide to order SEO services, then you should at least in general terms represent principles work of search engines. This is necessary in order to know which tasks SEO specialists should solve, as a result of optimization and promotion of your website. Currently up to 90% total Internet search is performed through search Read more about Principles of search engines[…]

How to write correct SEO texts

Website without texts don’t move up. Sure, many peoples understand this, but it is important to consider that the texts should be correctly written in terms of SEO. On the early stages development of search engines, the quality of texts was completely neglected. Search robots simply chose articles with the largest number of keywords according Read more about How to write correct SEO texts[…]

SEO websites analysis

Use SEO website analysis for fix mistakes of web-source structure. First of all need to check usability for visitors. They want to see understandible interface and during several seconds find need info: catalogs, articles or other blocks. Further need detail check of content and inside links within the website. All links must works and lead Read more about SEO websites analysis[…]

How to choose website design

At the initial stage of development for any Internet project there is a difficult question of choosing a web design. Since this is a very important factor, which strongly affects to conversion visitors in clients, we decided to devote a separate article to this issue. For websites or eCommerce stores it is important not only Read more about How to choose website design[…]

Correct SEO Keywords

Always use only relevant SEO Keywords ! Search engines around the world (Google, Bing, Yahoo and others) evaluate your website for usefulness to users based on the content that maps on your website. Base of content  is any text or articles with SEO keywords that describe with maximum accuracy what exactly your site is offering. Read more about Correct SEO Keywords[…]